Boi Treats

I am making some. Trying a new healthy peanut butter, honey, whole wheat kind, and a more traditional oatmeal.

For those of you who know who they are and want some. Sneak by the spa and ask me about my stash.

Q... I got you hooked up.

Let's make Ken blush!!

Okay darlins, I have an evil plan. At Self, I managed to get Ken flashed a great number of times by lovely women and I'd like to top that at Frolicon. He blushes beautifully and adores women. I'm not trying to give him away, just get him flashed with pretty until he is scarlet. Boobs and butts and hoos, even just great smiles and winks would be perfect. Honestly it would be fun to keep him scarlet. So if you have an exhibitionist streak, come by the spa and show Ken something pretty. He'll probably have a cap on, he is about five six, built like an elf, and has giant blue eyes. Oh and yeah.... hopefully he'll be scarlet. Hopefully we can keep him scarlet, stammering and speachless. I have faith in you guys, we can do it!

He has huge fantasies of women flirting with him, or aproaching him. He tends to miss this when it actually happens to him, so subtlety won't work so well with him, go all out. SO have fun with it. I love the man, and we don't swing, but flirting and flashing are all good.

Hey Faery!!! Seriously, you could do him harm in the best of ways. He is very much like a sprite, magical, light on his feet, fleet, fun, big energy boy. You have the capacity to turn him purple and keep him purple. Should you have the time or inclination, I would adore watching you hunt him, one faery torturing with flirtation another.

I'd love to have your hands at the spa if you want to too. And you too Cliffy if you are reading. :)

love you all, sorry I haven't been posting.
I have a new dog. Hee. I love her, her name is venus.
Now if I can just get Ahfros to move in, then the house will have it's full measure of goddesses of love. Find a job Q, I miss you much.

Frolicon Spa!

Hello fellow mischief makers. It's time to gather together those who like to touch and those who like to be touched. If you think you'd like to come play spa and help pamper others, take a second and email me here or at IF you are not sure yet, swing by the Spa room thursday night at seven. We'll be saying hello, and I'll be doing a little demo on how to easily give relief to tired feet and calves. We will see a lot of that because of all the really sexy shoes people will be wearing.

We already have some professional folks signed up for time slots but I'd love to have more folks that just love to nurture others and rub backs and feet. People will be able to start signing up for table time thursday night. The more folks I have ready to touch and serve, the more folks we can well... touch and serve!

This should be a lot of fun. We will have two tables and a tired feet station. Come play! Come learn! Come share what you know!

I can't wait!

P.S. Why are you doing this Willow? Because it's fun, and what could be better than helping people get what they need and want? Those who like to serve, and those who like to be served, and heck those that just love touch, or feet, or spas, all need their own little spot at Frolicon, and this year it's the Spa.

I love touch and have worked as a massage therapist/Rolfer for twenty years. There is nothing better than the feeling of helping someone feel more at ease in their own body. It's just so very rewarding. And just like most body workers on the planet, I am a table pig. Any table, anywhere, I'm up for being touched.

See you there!

Ghost in the machine

Ants, many tiny little black anty bastards have invaded my home. They are the worst of squatters and decided to move in full force while I was away learning about lymph.

I am declaring war!

Pizza, lawn cutting, laundry....
and then....

ant genacide... possible through some chemical means. I am pondering calling in the big guns.

Oh and life...
rubber no longer holds the borders of my soul. :)

Was waiting for Melissa to get home, she is home, off to the grocery store to purchase pizza which is faze one of my plan.

a tumble

One week left of the summer. The past three years have been such a time of change and growth. Sometimes I have felt like I was in the spin cycle in the wash tub. Sometimes I have felt like I was perfectly exactly where I was supposed to be. This morning I find myself feeling damn grateful for the people in my life and the amazing kindness I've known.

I wonder what the dryer will feel like.


Anyone else feeling particularly bright shiny and hopeful today?

Sheeple - blame the bear

Morality meme...

1. Would you commit murder for hire if a ridiculous amount of money were involved?

2. Would you allow a child to die if it meant 5 other adults could live?
Nope. Can see the logic in this, but would probably go for the kid, and expect the adults to protect themselves. My mommy gears would overwhelm logic. I have a hard drive to protect the innocent and helpless. If the adults were incapable of protecting themselves due to mental deficit or something, then it'd be a toss up.

3. Would you mug an old lady if you were starving and on the street for money to buy food?
Nope, but I am not above panhandling, or begging.

4. Do you believe sex should be saved for marriage?
um... not according to my pants.

5. Do you believe it is ok to have multiple sexual partners at once?
Yup, if everyone is open and honest.

6. Do you believe in the death penalty?
Yes, would be happy to pull the switch in some cases.

7. Do you believe in any type of righteous justification to take the law in to your own hand, if a family member was hurt by someone for example?
Yup. If someone ever rapes or brutally beats my child their life is forfeit if I can manage in any way to get to them. Seven years in jail seems a reasonable price to pay for taking them off the planet.

8. A stranger is walking down the street and drops his wallet but doesn't realize it. No one is around. What do you do?
Hey duffus, you dropped your wallet.

9. Have you stolen anything in the last 12 months?
Nope. Took some wilting veggies out of Clay's fridge so they wouldn't rot and plan to put them in a soup. (he is in washington taking a class) Don't think that is stealing though, but I didn't ask first. Clay do you mind that I pinched your wilting celery?

10. Would you steal candy from a baby?
LOL, depends on whether or not you are talking about a Halloween stash. Have to admit that when the kid was tiny, I felt no qualms about pinching the occasional snickers bar from her Halloween stash.

11. Should marriage be between 1 man/1 woman?
Um okay, and 1 woman/ and 1 woman, and 1 man/ and 1 man, and 2 women/ and 1 man. etc... on and on.

12. Abortion?
Glad it's legal. For me would be murder.

13. Should religion be a part of society?
It's an important aspect of life for many, so why not.

14. Do you squish bugs just because they are bugs?
Roaches yes. Ants, usually. Spiders I like, they eat baby roaches and ants.